1. WEF -- New ways of global cooperation --- by Klaus Schwab (ET of 25-01-2010)
    --- a feedback by C.Venkataramaniah

  2. Holistic Wellness --- by C.Venkataramanaiah

  3. Twilight of the Gods --- by Henryk Skolimowski

  4. Times Are Changing --- by Henryk Skolimowski

  5. What can we learn from world wealth report --- Ecademy

  6. New World Order (NWO)-A discussion

  7. Discussion on-Life and Consciousness for a new vision- by C.Venkataramanaiah

  8. Presstitutes -comments by C.Venkataramanaiah

  9. PATH FOR WORLD PEACE by Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

  10. My experience as a mentor- A case study by C.Venkataramanaiah

  11. Hinduism and Buddhismcomplementary or contrary- post from Speaking Tree

  12. Dehavahanam(instrument of human body behaviour) from Eanadu with my comments

  13. Sankarafrom Temporal to Eternal by T.M.P.Mahadevan in Speakingtree

  14. From Ignorance to Enlightenment by Dhruva Bhargava in SpeakingTree

  15. Constitutional Governance in India

  16. Rape on women or children

  17. More than a leader,India needs a vision-by Arun Maira in the Hindu dt.8-4-13-comments

  18. India first-is my definition of secularism,Narendra Modi tells NRIs-comments

  19. A Rudderless World and the solution

  20. NEW VISION for an alternate holistic world order Twi light of the Gods

  21. Discussion link in American Philosophical Association on New world order

  22. Mind,Involution&Evolution-(spiritual)

  23. Ravana to the fore as Bahujan students celebrate Ram Navami

  24. World awaits the great Indian dream,says Kotler


  26. BUREAUCRACY and ACCOUNTABILITY-Irrate babus seek free legal aid for arrested buddies

  27. Government nod to prosecute Google,Facebook,Yahoo

  28. Discussion link in Ushi-a chinese microblog on New ways of global co-operation

  29. Discussion link in USHI-a Chinese Microblog on HOLISTIC WELLNESS

  30. CYBER CRIME LAWS-SOPA etc.-Why the hurry around the world

  31. Sharing my experiences on entrepreneurship and management

  32. Evolutionary Enlightenment
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