My experience as a mentor- A case study by C.Venkataramanaiah
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My experience as a mentor- A case study by C.Venkataramanaiah
I am C.Venkataramanaiah. My qualifications are 1. Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering -passed out in 1973 with gold medal and university first from the Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh and 2. M.B.A/ PGDM- first batch(1974-1976) from the Indian Institute Of Management ,Bangalore.

With remote rural background from a family of illiterate marginal farmers- my life journey has been exiting from the beginning. I was first ranker in school days, school ACC leader commanding the entire school of about 300 students and school pupils leader. During high school days- 1. I scripted and played a drama titled – guru- shishya – myself playing the role of shishya, 2. conducted mass drill before the inspectorate , 3. organised strikes on moral and social issues, 4. assisted the tuition master by teaching mathematics to 8th class students in lieu of free tuition for my 9th class and was very active as a mentor to a number students. At any time about 6 to 12 students used to be with me co- studying and taking guidance during the school days.

During my days at Engineering college , many of my classmates and juniors used to come to me for doubts clearance and advice. After passing out my M.B.A in 1976 , worked in KELTRON ( Kerala State Electronic Development Corporation Ltd) in various functional areas and gained some good practical experience while contributing innovatively . I joined APEDC( Andhra Pradesh Electronic Development Corporation Ltd) in 1982 as one among the first batch of employees in starting the activities of APEDC. I conceived the marketing assistance programme and implemented from scratch resulting in receipt of DP Agarwal Rolling Trophy for 1987 for outstanding performance as given in the citation shown in the link-APEL awards:

During my period of working in APEL, mentored a number of entrepreneurs in -(1).how to start a company, (2) quality control and (3) PPC. The corporate brand- APEL was promoted by me most cost effectively along with promoting about half a dozen colour and black and white TV product brands.

Left APEL in 2000 for joining Micronet Technologies Ltd ,a subsidiary of MIC Electronics Ltd as Vice President-in-charge . Later joined MIC Electronics Ltd as Vice President(Corporate Management&HRD) in 2003 and streamlined HR activities from scratch besides taking lead in helping the company in getting Rs 4 crores of soft loan @5% interest for productionising live LED display technology from Technology Development Board (TDB), Govt of India. This was a major fund induction in turning the company from about Rs. 12 crores company(2004) to about Rs. 400 crores turnover company(in 2010). Mentored&/advised the promoter MD(who is a first generation technocrat entrepreneur)on many issues in HRM, vision and corporate governance. Conceived and started MIC Tech Center in 2004 and mentored hundreds of students in their projects and career counselling. While working at MIC Tech Center as a part time director joined Chadalavada Infratech Ltd as an outsourced president/retainer in 2007. Here most of my job was mentoring. The promoter MD is a first generation entrepreneur with less qualifications and very little experience in corporate management. Basically they were contractors. I mentored the promoter MD on almost all areas – HRM, Project finance, administration, legal, systems development etc. From about 30 employees we made it a 500 employees company with operations all over India. From Rs 7crores in 2006 working capital was enhanced to Rs 243 crores in 2010. The turnover improved from about Rs. 35 crores in 2007 to about Rs. 200 crores in 2010. I retired from active professional industry life in 2011 and running CVR Synergy Management Services which was started in 2006. My entire personal and professional profile can be seen in the link:

During 1973 I worked in Space Applicaton Centre, Ahmedabad for a brief period of about 8 months and then joined M.Tech( computer sciences) at IIT- Madras in 1974. Though I was a strong science and maths student , something was telling me inside that this course will not clarify my doubts about life. So when I got admission in IIM Bangalore, after going through the course curriculum , I was convinced that the course will be useful as some of the courses in social sciences like psychology, economics and managing methods/management that were offered in the M.B.A/ PGDM Programme may help me understand issues to clear my doubts on various personal and intellectual issues. Thus leaving M.Tech ( computer sciences) course at IIT, Madras, I joined IIM, Bangalore in October 1974 as one among the 49 students of the first batch.

Management education was really interesting and became a good tool in my laterday life. Having passed M.B.A with good grades( no GPA was given at that time), I joined KELTRON in 1976. Those were very turbulent political days in India. That had a strong bearing on my life. After learning many concepts at IIMB, I was more confused in my professional and personal life during the late 70’s unable to balance practical reality with theory which I learnt. During 1979 or so I had some sort of extra-sensory experiences- perhaps initiation to spirituality .

 I came to Andhra Pradesh joined APEDC in 1982. But my professional and personal sides of life became very complex with many unbearable difficulties. But I managed my life most effectively under trying circumstances not hurting anybody in my personal and professional life making everybody associated with me succeed professionally and personally. During late 80’s and during 90’s I went through some extra-ordinary and extra-sensory experiences and learnt –studying myself and society from different perspectives – materialist and spiritualist sides. The origin of such perspective got generated within myself –with my inside experiences getting juxtaposed with my academic learning and my practical experiences in all areas observed and learnt. During 2010 I could experience a great feeling of connecting and seeing things in many different perspectives while being solidly aware and effective in the physical world. The word- materialismspiritualism -was coined by me out of my internal experience and as a tool to clarify my doubts as well as a theoretical / philosophical tool . Later during 2010, I came in contact with internet postings and read that materialist spiritualist angle was mentioned/articulated by Swami Vivekananda.

During 2002 after observing my professional life, I had to make a choice between Saraswati (knowledge) and Lakshmi (wealth). I had created many seats- i.e. departments/ activities but they were grabbed by powerful people as per their convenience and comfort. So I chose Saraswati(knowledge) as it is difficult for anybody to grab a real seat of learning with original innovative knowledge.I formally registered MATERIALIST SPIRITUALIST MISSION TRUST on 11 June, 2003 as a public charitable trust to take forward my intellectual pursuits.Plato and his academy were real inspiration as he saw great threat to his life for his up-right views in those days. I saw great discouragement and leg pulling from a number of my co-Indian intellectuals in India, but I found some good encouragement and endorsement from top US intellectuals like Dr.William E Halal and Swiss Business Club etc .Please visit ‘Feedback’ for more details.

My experience in professional and personal life gave me some good expertise to address social,professional and personal issues even if they are difficult. Thus the language used in the website is with a punch and no compromises are made as far as possible. Having experienced my life multi-dimensionally in professional , social and personal arenas with unique success and success of those including organisations associated with me under my mentorship( as long as they listened to me),I realised that this knowledge and wisdom is useful to society at individual, community, national and international levels. Hence the objectives of the trust. Please visit ‘objectives & Activities’ in the link:

Having gained overall experience and perspectives, I dwelt on many issues in many areas like- Governance, Economics, Management, Spirituality, Politics, Systems and Processes, Culture,Science and Technology,Vision- by writing articles/messages and also by writing commentary on articles published in the internet- in the Website&Blog therein(for postings after 19-06-2011):  There seems to be subtle appreciation from all around the world on many of my views from some good number of persons/agencies though many have not come in open support/appreciation. It seems the views, ideas and association with me are useful- as guidance and as good omen for those who believe in it.

My journey of mentoring/open advice in the open world is continuing with no guarantees/assurances from the world that counts- national/ international. All with my own funds and no revenue so far. I consider this activity(MSMT) as my best knowledge shramadan ( donation of knowledge) for PUBLIC GOOD / SAKALA LOKA KALYANAM as a tribute to my parents, teachers and all those who made me travel so far successfully.

A. Academic achievements:
1.Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering with university first and gold medal in 1973 from the Andhra university. Class first through out from 9thclass to B.E final year.
2.M.B.A/PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore-first batch(1974-1976)
3.Merit scholarship holder from 9th class to M.B.A final year.
4.Mentored many co-students from school days to college/graduation days.
B. Professional achievements:
1.Received DP Agarwal Rolling Trophy for 1987 from the Federation of Andhra PradeshChambers of Commerce and Industry.
2.Shortlisted for ‘marketing man of the year’ award for 1988 by Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM), New Delhi.
3.Given management development programmes at IPE (Institute of Public Enterprise), Hyderabad (my part) to four batches of Indian Administrative Service(IAS) officers numbering about 100 at the level of Vice Chairmen&Managing Directors.
4. Taught M.B.A /M.Tech programmes at IPE and JNTU
5.Given MDPs to a number of senior executives from private and public sector at IPE during 80’s.

Achievements in mentoring:
1. Mentored many entrepreneurs numbering about 45 in starting and running their businesses as officer of APEDC and as a director on the boards of some of the companies. I gave mentoring in the functional areas of marketing , quality control, PPC, materials management etc. at some depth.Pl visit Citation part in APEL AWRADS link in:
2. Mentored and advised promoter MD of MIC Electronics Ltd,a first generation technocrat entrepreneur- in many areas like HRM,administration, project finance, vision etc. Took lead in procuring Rs. 4 crores soft loan @ 5% interest from TechnologyDevelopment Board , Govt of India for productionising live LED boards technology.
3.Mentored hundreds of engineering students in projects,soft&professional skills and career counselling at MIC Tech Center ( about 900 students per year were trained at MIC Tech Center).
4. Mentored promoter MD of Chadalavada Infratech Ltd,a first generation entrepreneur from rural background- in all most all areas – HRM, administration, project finance, corporate management, systems and some of his personal matters. (employee strength/recruitment increased from 30 employees in 2007 to about 500 employees in 2010 and working capital increased from about Rs. 7 crores in 2006 to Rs. 243 crores in 2010).

C. Personal side:
1.From my humble background with not much experience&exposure in personal matters- three of my children are post graduates(MS/MBA) in U.S.A and Canada and working there. Bought up the family as father , mother and teacher under trying circumstances – performing all the roles.
2.Constructed a three storied building and acquired some reasonable property in the best possible transparent way even as a govt employee.
3.Performed marriages of all four children in a decent way under trying circumstances with some/ reasonable resources.
4.Mentored all four children in very difficult situations in many of their personal and professional matters and added my bit to their success- whatever it is?
5.Mentored many relatives and their children to success-my bit of effective contribution.
6.Mentored many co- employees/sub-ordinates in solving their personal problems including financial issues.

- career counselling
-happy married life- marital issues
- decision on marriage and selecting a would be spouse
- planning children&parenting
- children education& career
- relationship with spouse and children
- family income and property creation
- inter & intra-personal relations for effectiveness
- life conflict resolutions
- happiness&wellness
- making peace with yourself for effectiveness and harmonious life
- understanding/realising self
-managing emotions/behaviour(including abnormal behaviour)-self&others- for effectiveness

1.Mentoring/advisory services/ consulting in the areas of
- Starting a business
- Project finance
-Managing business/ Management consulting
-Marketing/ Sales/Brand Creation&promotion
-Human Resource Management and Organisation Development
- Administration and legal
- Project management
- Wireless internet
-Electrical infrastructure industry
C)SOCIETAL:ADVICE/ MENTORING/CONSULTING-expertise available for making-
-Vision for humanity –global
-Vision for a nation
-Vision at state and regional level
- Roadmaps at global, national and regional levels under the given vision
-Reduction of conflicts at global, national and regional levels.
-Expertise/ in giving advice for creating harmonious , peaceful, synergic organisations with justice (least frictions)and dynamic development –at global/national/regional level.

NICHE AREAS for MENTORING/Advice-expertise available:
1.Persoanal side:
-Happy married life
-Career selection and growth planning
-Making peace with yourself for effectiveness and harmonious life
-Understanding/realising self
-Personal strategy
2.Organisational side:
-Preparing vision for organisation
-Business strategy
-Organisational strategy
-Preparing global vision for –peace,harmony,synergy,justice and development
-National vision preparation
Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

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