Government nod to prosecute Google,Facebook,Yahoo
Posted on March 12, 2012 by admin

Visit the following link on an article in The Times of India dated 14-01-2012 on-Government nod to to prosecute Google,Facebook,Yahoo- with comments link in the post.
Government nod to prosecute Google, Facebook, Yahoo

While it is a welcome step to enforce rule of law in prosecuting social network websites representing vibrancy of Indian democracy,some of us feel that the press coverage to this item and the ferocity with which it is taken up by the concerned makes us feel sick and concerned as it is about the freedom of a very few but powerful people.It is in fitness of things if speedy delivery of justice is given in cases like 2G,CWG,Adarsh,land scams,Obulapuram mines  and many such cases involving hundreds of lakhs of  crores of rupees of public money and the most powerful people in the country who are supposed to be custodians and protectors of this money?Delivery of justice can not come at the end of time?The people of this country are demanding this as the governments and courts are run by the tax payers money?Though certain mistakes are happening in social networks,they are the only channels available to educated middle class youth to express their views and woos.The Indian media is by and large controlled,censored,businesslike with paid news and with vested interest though here and there some truth do come out?The editorial is by and large controlled with vested interest rather than for public good?If Indian democracy has to function efficiently and effectively,there should be complete absence of institutional collusion(among all four pillars)?Hope the responsible people sitting in  highest chairs are listening to this feeble voice of BHARAT?
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