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New ways of global co-operation
Venkata Ramanaiah Published 01/18/2012 14:35
Dear Friends,
Sub: WEF-New ways of global cooperation by Klaus Schwab(Economic Times dated 25-01-2010)- a Feedback.

It is mentioned in this article the core points as rethinking our values, redesigning our systems and rebuilding our institutions.

Materialist Spiritualist Mission Trust (MSMT) has been talking about these aspects since 2003. MSMT main stands is that there is a need for paradigm shift in our thinking, faiths, beliefs, attitudes and behivour for achieving synergy, peace, harmony, justice and development.

We seem to be living in a make -believe world. The systems and processes of all soceital parameters(Global/National) are designed in the name of people/public/society and for people/public/society. These aspects(customer/ end user) seem to be forgotten in the muddling confusion of various religious and systemic symbolisms. Just as humans or any metal has fatigue and become useless over a period of time, so are the systems and processes of various societal parameters including spirituality. In this context it is relevant to review the entire system of human social existence.

They include:
1. Economic values- make-believe world.
Economic systems and processes.
Behavioural aspects.
2. Political values- purpose of power and influence in the society.
Political systems and processes- change-pain involved-mitigating pain of change
Openness and creativity.
Requirement for well thought out philosophy and road map.
3. Business-management, values and ethics.
Purpose of business-values.
Rethink and redefine.
4. Legal aspects-values-purpose of legal system.
Delivery of justice-ethics, philosophy, adaptation to changes, ultimately for human
good with least tensions and turbulences.
Change-painful-allow creativity.
5. Governance and Administration.
Purpose of governance-values and ethics.
Old roots vs new views and challenges.
Efficacy of governance
The system of checks and balances in societal governance.
Legistature, Executive, Judiciary and press-checks and balances and providing instruments for smooth problem solving and governance delivering to the public/people on whose behalf all the systems are conceived and implemented.
6. Cultural- Values
- Processes and systems.
- Symbolisms.
- Acceptance of various symbolisms and harmony between them.
- There seems to be more worry about symbolisms than the essence of “Truth” about which all these symbolisms represent.
- Make people –the whole mass of people move towards understanding “Truth” in all its multiparameteral aspects including spiritual and materialist aspects and the to be conceived future parameters.
- Role for a vast number committed teachers to decipher,create and teach about emerging new aspects of “Truth”.
7. Science and Technology:
- Purpose and values.
- Adventurism verses conservatism. The balancing-like steering a car.
- Ultimately it should help the overall human good and preservation of life on earth by “Effort”, always praying against cosmic and natural turbulances and calamities.
8. Spirituality:
– There should be at least some hazy concretization at the global level.
Some big picture. Starts some where for concretization at least at global level.
Start spiritual innovation-this is for the modern spiritualists.
I have been talking about these aspects since the late 90’s in a concret way and formalized by registering Materialist Spiritualist Mission Trust on 11-06-2003 as a public charitable trust.
Please visit and also go through the material on “Talk on materialism spiritualism and Shrama dharma”on 9/11 of 2009 to senior IIM alumnus at Hyderabad as given in the Speeches part of the website.
MSMT tried to give overall contours and paradigm consisting of philosophical basis, a vision and a hazy road map for achieving harmony, peace, synergy, justice and development.
Your Comments are welcome.
C.Venkataramanaiah B.E, MBA (IIM-B, 74-76)
Founder and Managing Trustee
Materialist Spiritualist Mission Trust.
Hyderabad, India
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Gope – Earthling very interesting and informative – thanks.
i personaly would like to go to root level, so every human being need food ( as air, water is freely available ), so if that food is pure, healthy, it will support the 2nd important part thought creation and reaction to think positive, live life with joy, peace, harmony etc
metta for all beings.
p.s : support vegan living, means not to forget other living beings too, who are used and abused to satisfy human senses
Replied 01/19/2012 12:35
Venkata Ramanaiah Thanks for your comments.
Replied 01/19/2012 15:59
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Dr. Paul Liang ????? I’ m paticularly interested in the “rethinking our values, redesigning our systems and rebuilding our institutions” as pertaining to my paper ‘Mind. Mindfulness and Meditation’ which I’m going to publish here after being edited by several masters including not the least my friend Doug Ross of Dynamic Integrity (see my Holistic Integrity group ) who has a separate group of Integrity in ushi. This essay on global co-operation and connection is an useful and informative piece that might raise the alarm of the sleeping giant who has been rotten by her take-for-granted culture in a society that’s so used to regard herself as more superior and more high ranking whereas in fact the superficial shell is now spliting up to reveal the hollow and void interior.
Replied 01/19/2012 20:49
Venkata Ramanaiah Thanks for your comments.To be frank with you,I am from a poor family gropping in the dark for guidance since childhood.I did BE with gold medal and MBA from IIM,Bangalore,India in 1976 where I was introduced to Marxist literature and it’s proponents all over the world apart from studying deeply the capitalist business education for which I went there.The journey continued in real life and I am not convinced of either the capitalist school or the communist school and did not get the guidance I was searching for.Hence started my own journey culminating in Will be thankful for your feedback.
Replied 01/20/2012 15:49
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Dr. Paul Liang ????? Good and I always respect the poor who can rise from scratch to a respected level. I share with you the same feeling and path of life and I always like to do research, till the day I die. I study all faiths including Christianity, Moslem, Buddhism, etc. and been baptised in both capitalism and communism baths, hence a mixture of good and bad. Any good piece of essay will attract attention and response here and we welcome you to continue contributing.
Replied 01/20/2012 16:12
Kevin Gaudette PROUT is a eco-spiritual alternative to Communism-Capitalism, developed by Bengali P.R. Sarkar ( )
( )
( Prout and World Poverty – Part 1 of 4 – YouTube
? 9:40? 9:40 Sep 2007 – 10 min – Uploaded by ProutNews
Dr. Ravi Batra, Professor of Economics, Dallas Texas (USA) sent a Video message on the occasion of Prout … )
China’s “New Left” has promoted the idea that it’s time for China to develop a SYNERGY, taking the BEST from other systems, and synergizing with Chinese values/systems.
China’s English Corners—nation-wide ad hoc grassroots–offer an extra-ordinary for Social Entrepreneurs to develop a nation-wide NETWORK, utilizing the principles of Wiki-nomics to Morph China’s English Corners to promote English/Civic Education/Income Generation, by using PeerProduction/MassCollaboration to develop Internet-based materials for learning English and Mandarin.

In 2010 I gave a presentation, “Morphing China’s English Corners for Wikinomics Generations”, at Beijing Normal U., International Conference on Civic Education. If interested in the paper or the PPT, send me your EMail.
Kevin Gaudette
Replied 01/24/2012 15:27 Reply
Venkata Ramanaiah ReplyKevin Gaudette:
You may kindly send details to my email id:
Replied 01/24/2012 16:24
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