‘India first’ is my definition of secularism,Narendra Modi tells NRIs-comments
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‘India first’ is my definition of secularism,Narendra Modi tells NRIs- The Times of India dated 1-03-2013 as per link below:
My comments as below(also visit comments-mine&others- in the above link):
India first:
Clarification sir?
Which India you are talking about sir?
The India –which seems not following the letter and spirit of the constitution,the very basis of India,the country?

NO TO A INDIA  where—
1.the India-economic angle-where even bank loans,food,water,shelter,education and other basic amenities require the recommendation of leaders or their cronies every where—directly or subtly through institutionalisation—for the common people to get?Where very few families own most of the wealth-not through hard work,but mostly by manipulation,accommodation,corruption and crony methods?

2.the India-political angle—where a few families across the nation own political parties as business entities with purely pecuniary and self aggradizement interests—buy votes from the money squeezed from miners,contractors,industrialists,businessmen and other interested parties—which is becoming glaringly clear from the scams across the nation? In such a scenerio where is the role for hard work?Where is the role for democracy—by the people,of the people and for the people? i.e. people at large?

3.the India-governance angle—where there is rampant institutional collusion among all four pillars of Indian democracy—i.e. among the legislature,executive,judiaciary and media as seen from the recent cases all over India?There is unbearable corruption at the highest levels resulting in corruption every where in India?There is hardly any incentive for honesty,transparancy, and hard work?Looters and cronies every where –in public or private sectors-take away the cake—at entrepreneur level or beaurocracy level or leadership level?Honest up-right  contributers are put to unbearable difficulties virtually chasing them to leave the country? There is favouritsm,nepotism,discrimination, embezzlement and mis-management every where resulting in creation of privilaged families and sections with no meaning for hard work and ethics?Equality before law has become a laughing matter?

4.the India—social angle—even after 65 years of independance,still there are substantial segregations on the basis of caste,religion or region in most of the public/private offices—directly or subtly?Recruitment,promotion and economic rewards are still substantially based on caste,religion or region irrespective of merit—done cleverly and subtly across the country?There are rampant caste and religious segregations across the rural India—clearly visible?There is still rampant un-touchability,discrimination and feudalism across the nation as against the letter and spirit of the constitution?

5.the India—cultural angle—though the highest caste has become relatively weak,still there are people and institutions which talk and propogate the superiority of the highest/higher castes?The basis of caste is mere accident of birth?There is no role for VASANA in deciding the caste or intellectual ability of theindividual(in most of the informal and subtle world of India)? Who has to decide the concept and implementation of VASANA?Is there a role for aptitude or a combined role for VASANA and aptitude?or is the caste system needed?what are the solutions?

Women are being treated as tools and their condition is pathetic in rural India?There are neither ancient ways nor there are modern ways of equality before law?It is quite arbitrary and feudal supression on women?The culture has drifted and there is different and up-dated modernism visible every where?But feudal forces of yester years want to live in the past and enforce their will on every body?They do not want to do the home work of assimilation,integration and innovation for social public good,harmony and wellness?They say our past is the greatest and want every body live in the past making every body forget untouchability,caste discrimination(including right to education) and dominance based on caste and wealth?This is so even after 65 years of independence.CERTAINLY  NO  TO  THIS  INDIA,sir?

YES TO A INDIA—which follows the letter and spirit of the constitution where there is liberty,freedom,equality/of opportunity,dignity,justice etc. as enshrined in the constitution—where privilaged families—political/business are stopped or neutralised in a democratic way—which are presently protected by the military,police and intelligence(co-ersive state instruments) at public cost—where there is no discrimination,favouritism,nepotism and where there is trasparancy and hard work and innovation are encouraged—YES  TO  THIS  INDIA,sir?

A people constitute a country?A people form a country?People are the country? And not infrastructure,GDP,super power  etc. alone?Yes,they are important but for whom?for the whole of people or a few prilaged families?Hence people first and country next? YES  TO  A  INDIA  of whole of people?There should be conceptual clarity.We were/are told  that we are a country  with known 5000 years of glorious history but we  or  our fore-fathers know/knew the turmoil  in the right to education,dignity of labour etc.?No more privilages to the so called upper caste/s or classes?YES  TO  A  INDIA  –where every  body competes in the most ethical way in all walks of life under the letter and spirit of the constitution?

YES  TO  A  INDIA—where religion is a personal  affair  but religion or cultural heritage is protected from the invaders and looters or their present day versions of yesteryears—by the might of the state?Where secularism means each has right to his/her  religion for spiritual purposes and not for political power purpose?Where secularism is not irreligious?

Is any body listening please?An opinion pl?
Any takers?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


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