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By George van Vrekhem appeared in the SpeakingTree dated 4-04-2012.
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Substantial research,realization and observations were made by Hindu saints of various schools on issues of Sat,Chit,Aanada-Brahmn—of various attributes as observed/realized by the saints.Materialism gives the evolutionary school backed by substantial verifications through Empirical school of philosophy.To-day this is the officially accepted faith or method?Spiritualism dwells about deep state of  inward existence beyond time,space and awareness of existance.In that state the observer and observed becomes one or it is difficult to point out—this is this?It is a state of very high existence away from all human feelings but alert to the existence?Different religious schools called it  in different material forms of expression.This state can not be expressed exactly.But it  is as real as material  existence.Both knowledge of materialism and spiritualism seem to be evolutionary?The more you dig –the more  you seem to get depending on your ability to explore fearlessly in the inward world?In some extreme states of existence,it may be difficult to get back unless one is alert in a meditative state?Again to fix both material truth and spiritual truth is difficult as finite state,nothingness,infinite state and indeterminate state  seem to be embedded in both cases?Hence it is difficult to fix –this is this-especially in spiritualism—that state of great existence—call it obsolute-aananda state?In material truth—in its finite state you can fix things for experimentability,verifiability  and repeatability.But Holistic truth is all comprehensive  including spiritual truth,material truth and the to be probed lateral truth?What matters to mankind is the symbolism  each gives/appear to give for human survival and well being.Scientific method  has its forecasting  mechanism.Spiritual practices have their perceived system of symbolisms followed by different faiths  for human/life well being.But times have come to fuse them and see with both these visions to-gether  while at the same time be open for emerging  methods.Then humanity can visualize a higher order consciousness.To fix things into equation like—matter=energy=consciousness is too premature or insufficient basis?We are able to define matter,energy and to some extent consciousness in somewhat their finite state but not in the periphery of the contours?Research and realization  was going on from times immemorial or can go on now also,but application may be what matters to the general publc(all except the seers) for achieving  synergy,peace,harmony,justice and development  in this troubled  world?For more material ,pl visit Speeches part of

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