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Visit the following link on an article-THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION  in  Indian Muslim Observer dated 26-02-2012  with comments link in the post.

Well articulated from the point of Islamic angle.Well,monotheism existed in vedic thinking much before Christianity and Islam were born.Socities,social consciousness and spiritual consciousness  are  not a permanent absolute phenomena.They keep changing.Mono-theistic god/paramatma/allah or some other name in some other culture is only one part of realization.In an internal phenomena which changes constantly where you see totality in finiteness comprising infinite infinitigimals,you become free to interpret.Each Rishi or Prophet or Teacher brought his realization as he/she realized from the infinite source which is incomprehensible.Trying to fix it into a book is rather defective and insufficient,more so,such thinking is forced on others through the might of the sword and such thinking seem to be prevelant  even to-day?

People everywhere are suffering and craving for solutions to their problems.All religions have tried their bit and contributed to reduce their pain initially.To-day they have become a burden to the common man everywhereto carry the burden of priests or mullahs or fathers or kings/dictators wherever they exist.The initial zeal seems to be over for all of them.
To-day people need an open ended spirituality away from the clutches of middlemen called priests or mullahs or fathers or clergy or kings/dictators of all shades.The world to-day is inter-connected,so is human consciousness/awareness.Mankind has to look for better integrated  solutions and not contradicting, violent and  already tried out solutions.For a possible vision and roadmap pl visit article1)

In order to develop different views in the present day world context,especially when issues like clash of civilizations are coined and in order to examine the effectiveness of hard power  vs  soft power,this posting is  presented for debate?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru
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