More than a leader,India needs a vision-by Arun Maira in the Hindu dt.8/4/13-comments
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More than a leader,India needs a vision– by Arun Maira in the Hindu dated 8-04-2013 as per link below-visit my comments.

My comments as below:
India certainly needs a new vision?The Nehruvian vision is as good as dead?And the vision that was started in 1991-the liberalisation vision has stagnated/become ineffective for current circumstances?However the world around us also seems to be changing from the Western/industrial revolution vision to a wholistic vision as the whole world seems to be travelling in the same single boat with actions in one part giving rise to reactions in other parts of the globe?Whatever new vision India adopts,it should be in tune with the emerging new world vision?The leaders should be sensitive enough to pick the signal?There should be a national debate on the new vision for India,may be articulated/co-ordinated by the media?For a possible new vision for India in tune with the possible emerging new world vision,pl visit A Rudderless World and the Solution,visit

Who will give the vision for India?Ideally the leader has to take initiative and bring out one from the talent available in the nation,if the leader can not bring out one by himself/herself?The leader should understand present and future needs&trends of the nation?He/she should assimilate and commit to such a vision?Which means the leader should have adequate knowledge and skills in leading  the nation with such a vision with sufficient trasparent monitoring machanisms?

Does India with a population of about 120 crores have/capable of having- a new vision with such a leadership presently?Or is any body taking this seriously?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


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