Constitutional Governance in India
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Constitutional Governance in India:
Today we saw a news article in the Times of india on –State Intel IG chargesheeted in Sohrab case—see the link:
Yesterday, we saw a news article in the Economic Times on-Digvijay Singh takes dig at SC’s ‘caged parrot’ observations for CBI.And many more articles in the past on Emergency,riots in 1984 killing thousands of Sikhs,the Godra carnage of 2002 including burning of Sabarmati Express-killing many innocents,various terrorist attacks,terrorists and their local colluders&abetors,corruption,crony capitalism,mismanagement,family centred governance from Delhi to galli  etc…

An officer of IG rank is chargesheeted for their probable role in the killing of a probable terrorist in an encouter?May be the officers might have been victims of circumstances and might have done(if done) at the behest of their political masters?The trial will bring out the truth?Encounters are happening frequently in India over the past 65 years since independence?Why this action of  governments in select cases(charging)?In a select way?To please the vote banks or what?Are the institutions working in India?When Supreme Court commented on CBI involving Government corruption(probable) as ‘caged parrot’,see the comments of sri Digvijay Singh,an ex-CM in the link below:

Will both ruling dispensation and opposition answer the nation-the imposition of Emergency on India and the consequent destruction of institutions?Can not there be post-emergency enquiry and trial and punish the culprits at least in record now?
Is there equality before law in India irrespective of religion or caste or region?Who will answer keeping vast majority of masses illeterate for the past 65 years since independence and made them victims of circumstances and helpless?Will the feudal classes and clerical castes/classes who might have been responsible-answer the nation on this?

At least now,will  the rulers follow the constitution in it’s letter and spirit to avoid future problems?Since political leadership of the past 65 years failed to protect true rule of law in their pre-occupation with their self&/family/party self aggradizement projects and misgovernance/mismanagement—institutions such as Supreme Court and Central Administrative Branch might have passed such comments?If their voice is also striffled at this stage,how will common people know-what is going on?

Any delivarance to Indian people?Any takers?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


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