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‘Presstitutes’-a word as a product of institutional friction-for good or bad? Visit the link below:

My comments:
There was/is widespread institutional collusion in India.Politicians and their institutions namely legislature and executive undergo public scrutiny every five years through election process.There is no such scrutiny for media/press and judiciary.The powers of media/press may be to the extent of informing the public and investigating agencies/public by providing information.If this information is given out with malafide intentions &/ for aggrandizement purposes,the purpose of free press/free media is defeated as envisaged in the constitution.Press is given freedom for public good.When this public good is in question,press/media must be made accountable.But there is no direct mechanism to make press/media accountable.They say self regulation which seems to be non-existent by and large.It is very difficult to publish genuine innovative articles in the present press by new comers.All editorials  by and large seem to come with motivated agenda and not for public good most of the time.Since public good is a vague term,it becomes incumbent on the ruling class  in all four pillars of democracy(legislature,executive,judiciary and press/media) to behave and conduct themselves ethically,accountably for public good which may be a tall order  given the present materialist consumerism in society.So what is the way out?Normally if there is no friction between four pillars of democracy,one can smell that there is something wrong happening and the muck is accumulating. In any healthy democracy,friction between institutions is a must.It is one of  the main clinical parameters to gauge the health of a democracy.But too much friction will lead to confrontation and that will be counter-productive. To lead  such institutions nation  needs educated,wise,ethical and knowledgeable persons which seem to be a rare commodity in society now.More than that –to lead the nation balancing all four pillars of democracy and institutions of monitoring and accountability, the nation truly needs a committed visionary who is well educated,wise,ethical and knowledgeable.Is it possible to get such a person in India now,given the institutional culture of promoting progeny for all top posts irrespective of capability/merit?It can not be an over-night phenomenon.Suitable conditions should prevail in the nation over a long period to nurture such leadership/leaders with attendant institutional mechanisms of competition and co-operation-which is substantially lacking now.

At least with some good friction generated over the last 2/3 years has given raise to exposing press/media collusive aggrandizement behaviour  against public good  by tape scandals like Nira Radia tapes and Tarun Tejpal episode etc.. Now an honest retired general(presently a union minister ) coined the word ‘presstitutes’ which may mean many things to many people  but it  clearly indicates  that press/media is not above board  and they better behave ethically and accountably before pointing accusing fingers at others.The coinage  of the word ‘presstitutes’ would not have at any better time.Healthy friction must be nurtured for a healthy democracy.Thanks to social media.Of course all this discussion owe it’s origin to  people’s free media namely-internet. Any takers please? For some connecting material, pl read
Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


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