CYBER CRIME LAWS-SOPA etc.-Why the hurry around the world?
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CYBER CRIME LAWS-SOPA etc.—Why the hurry around the world?

All of a sudden the rulers and the rule makers all over the world have woken up after the peoples movements everywhere questioning their locus standi/accountability– by people leading to– laws to restrict the freedom of expression of people in direct or subtle way? A number of prominent websites like Wikipedia have shut down the shutters making people everywhere to be aware of such laws and moves by the rulers. Here one point needs to be clear for every thinking person,that is- so far from kings to present days politicians have been substantial aggressors/self aggrandizers (most of them) behaviorally for giving their service? Most of their work is taking the stick and make laws and implement laws for giving law and order and some direction with which they feel is good for everybody as a class? In the present day, many thinking people have appeared on the scene in the form of great academicians, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, doctors, engineers and other professionals whose contribution to society is visibly substantial and it is without  considerable stick/powers. These stick wielders called politicians are used to playing with sticks and they had their way and they want to continue the same by way of creating new laws and enforcing them in the name of public good. They put one section against the others and they do not want to be accountable. No body noticed this or people don’t want to notice this as perhaps many did not feel the need. Now with job losses and poverty increasing everywhere ,people began to open their eyes and see the real game of these self- aggrandisors everywhere especially in the dominant developed/developing countries. The latest peoples movements (Occupy Wall street, Arab spring, Jasmine, Anna Hazare movements etc) have made these self -aggrandisors alert? They are trying to protect their inherited unaccounted  powers and privelleges as a group in the form of legislations and implementation for the so called public good?

Sirs, when so many people around the world in every corner die without food/ because of mal-nutrition, unemployment, human trafficking, family breaks, orphans, underdevelopment, manufactured political tensions, corporate greed – where is their  public good and why they have not put or  putting enough efforts? Are the previllages of  a  very few in the cyber world or the make- believe world so important? And the politicians seem to take stand in the name of everybody and public good and put much resources – time, money and efforts of nations around the world in this direction? Are the issues highlighted by these ruling cliques really the problem of everybody? What are the priorities before humanity? Entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, soldiers, workers, IT professionls, acoountants and othe professionals around the world – wake up? Restrain this class from taking away your rights and freedom? It is  not only important to slog in your profession but also to protect the fruits of your labour taken away by this intelligent self -aggrandisor class? If you allow this, you are timid/irreligious? You become empty at the end of the day, however big you are—be it most successful entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, soldiers or any other professionals?

My friends—Arise, Awake, Associate, Organize, Agitate/Govern — to protect your children and other weaker peoples children? This appears to be the call of nature/God?
Laws are necessary for good governance but the subtle/obvious intension is more important?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru BE,MBA(IIM-B,76)

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