Rape on women or children
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Rape-on women or children:
Swami Agnivesh comments in NDTV
My comments:
Women Rape, Domestic Violence and unreasonable marital issues are coming to open fore now a days frequently. Many are crying/shouting for death sentence to the aggressors? And we see many emotional out bursts in various quarters?

But this is broadly a social/ family problem? No body seems to be interested in proper authentic diagnosis? Without diagnosis – how can you offer short term/ immediate and long term solution to the problem? Besides there seems to be inadequate expertise available on these issues? Even if available the decision makers/ government(ministers/bureaucrats) seem to have no sincere inclination to use them? These problems are there for the last 65 years in varying degrees? But nobody noticed it or nobody wants to notice it? Everybody is bothered about his/her personal gain?

If one is sincere&seroius , the problem has to be tackled at various levels- individual, family, community, locality/region and at national level? At each stage the problem has to tackled by different effective parameters like stringent laws creating fear in the mind of the aggressors, effective policing, effective&timely investigation and timely prosecution, generally not allowing such circumstances to do rape , training women in self defence, counselling adults-men and women , bringing enough education at college and school level,deep study of biological&psychological factors etc and making available sufficient funds,besides having exampler leadership in executive and legislature? There is a need for commitment in short term and long term by the leadership at all levels of all hues/parties? In the long term the issues have to be seen holistically for mental heigene at individual, family, community, regional and national levels with a statistically monitoring mechanism which will help timely diagnosis leading to better solutions in an on going way. If issues are taken this seriously , the crime will come down to low levels and will be in control in a time bound manner? Otherwise, we are only bursting out emotionally and venting out our anger when incidents happen and are not serious about solutions?

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Any takers? Any comments?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


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