Dehavahanam(instrument of human body behaviour) from Eanadu with my comments
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Dehavahanam-(instrument of human body behaviour)-article in Eanadu dated 18-01-2014
Please visit the link below(in Telugu) and my commentary:
This is an Indian approach to understand behaviour.It deals with behaviour from childhood until death.It is an internal perspective i.e. inward looking approach and is essentially a subjective approach and individual centric and is ultimately connected to the cosmic all pervading paramatman/cosmic consciousness.While Western approach to understand behaviour is predominantly external and hence objective data based and comparative with group members.While Western approach is useful for universal external data based acceptability,it has it’s own severe limitations at higher levels especially deeper conscious level.In Western method behaviour correction is predominantly drug and counselling based by monitoring external parameters.It has it’s own limitations as seen from the pain and despair world over in terms of suicides,depression,rapes,murders,human trafficking and other anti-social behaviour/activity so obviously visible around the globe in all societies.

The Indian approach to understand behaviour is based on internal observation and through internally calibrated parameters which are explained in this link.The parameters are discussed and passed on to disciples by gurus(masters).As external parameters are not available in the form of objective data verifiable in a laboratory,it can not be passed on to disciples/students in a classroom teaching in the way it is happening now.It is basically a master-disciple approach.It has it’s own strengths in understanding behaviour.This approach if used properly -offers many solutions to reduce despair and pain around the globe by reducing/minimising suicides,rapes,murders and other anti-social behaviour-if adequate time,resources and expertise are put in the effort.Unfortunately this method is neglected or discouraged now but it has great potential to solve today’s problems at both individual and social level.

However if enough research is done by fusing Western and Indian methods,it will help humanity to bring in optimum solutions to heal pain and despair of humanity at individual and social levels.This will offer the best holistic solution available to human problems.There is need for innovation,new vision and new direction.

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

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