Ravana to the fore as Bahujan students celebrate Ram Navami
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Ravana to the fore as Bahujan students celebrate Ram Navami –TNN(Times of India dated 2-4-2012)
One can understand the anguish of the Bahujan intellectuals.This is the direction they should have started ages ago—to question the supremacy of the upper castes—more so the theoretical/spiritual  basis of such a stratification of the world of gods and hence to the human world?Again the Bahujan intellectuals are falling into the trap of getting into the same world—Aryan vs Dravidian  or  Deva vs Asura which are basically coined by Westerners and Brahmanical intellectuals.As said –Rama was an Aryan while Ravana was a dalit symbol? But Rama was a skhetriya thus Aryan(if Aryan theory is confirmed) and Ravana was a Brahmin according the the same source?Why do Bahujan intellectuals want to rely on sources where they have no ground?Again to deny spirit  or  a world other than materialism is fallacious and insufficient.There exists a spiritual world for believers and may exist for others?In an emerging new world order,one can go to the same source which pre-existed before all religions  and pray  for a direction.In this connection ,article3 –Twi-light of the Gods by Henry skolimowski in may be useful   for creating alternate resource material through meditation, research and realization. Again instead of hating, all good and useful material should be taken from all sources particularly brahmanical sources which are vastly researched and realized  in an open ground  in the interest of SAKALA LOKA KALYANAM  /  PUBLIC GOOD. Such a system of thinking  should address cultural accountability on a long term sustainable basis.

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru
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