New World Order (NWO)-A discussion
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New World Order (NWO)- A discussion
World seems to be at cross roads. There is clear failure of world order today. The gun point capitalism and communism evolved out of  the industrial revolution seems to be a clear failure at this stage unable to solve today’s problems. The conclusive orthodox religious order of various hues based on –absoluteness, omnipotence, immutability, permanency and perfection are not capable of answering  today’s world awareness and often pulling the world backwards towards intolerance and violence.The oft spoken love, brother-hood,concern for the fellow human being and co-operative social collaboration are missing today.From morning until going to bed in the night,everybody seems to be running madly without holistic meaning to life.In this scenario,there seems  to be efforts to bring in world order by various groups in their own way around the globe with their own agendas.The prominent among them seems to be:
1.NWO—command&control type by some Western groups
2.NWO—World Islamic Caliphate by some muslim groups
3.NWO—communism world wide by some left groups
4.NWO—the natural order –by many peace loving people with holistic perspective

Before Understanding-what probably could happen,thought leaders may have to be clear about some basic points namely:1.what is life 2.what is origin of life 3.Truth 5.nature of Truth 6.Reality 7.nature of Reality 7.available philosophical tools  and 8.purpose.

Today materialism as a philosophical  tool is dominating the world.Western science and social sciences are a product of materialism with it’s method/scientific conclusions  and it’s manifestation in the form of  perspectives at individual,group,regional and global level.

Spiritualism as a philosophical tool was dominant during middle ages and earlier. Spiritualism as a philosophical  tool manifests as  subjective vital part of human being/life. Spiritualists are sublimed but spiritualism as a philosophical tool has great potential to understand world phenomenon, thus can contribute to peace and harmony.Spiritualism especially vedic  schools of thought have great potential in understanding  world phenomenon.In the vedic  schools of thought, behavior is understood by internally calibrated parameters like kama, krodha, mada, mascharya,.. etc.. vasana, prana,atma and paramatma.Only a trained Guru can identify these and guide individuals and society. This has it’s own good points and some limitations as observed over history.

In my spiritual journey of about 36 years ,I have realized that by fusing materialist and spiritualist approaches, higher realization of knowledge&wisdom is possible and I coined this approach ‘materialismspiritualism’.The whole universe seems to have cosmic  rhythm and the whole life processes on earth have both physical bio-sphere and spiritual/subjective  bio-rhythm.

No school of thought could give conclusive knowledge  on life,origin of life,Truth,Reality and Consciousness as of now.

Science recognizes only  physical Bio-sphere on earth and spiritual aspect is not recognized as such.

Today knowledge is available in bits and pieces on various aspects of animate and inanimate objects. No comprehensive holistic knowledge is available for better conclusions to human societies. Without holistic knowledge, any conclusions on total humanity will be defective, risky and adventurous.

Based on human history (especially over  the last two decades),predictions of Nostradamus, Indian Seers, Mayans and my own vision/experiences during the last 36 years,  world seems to move towards a natural New World Order from the present confused violent state.

The natural  NWO will move towards giving space to all human societies& species and will bring in natural life harmony, thus leading to  durable peace while economic development will take new directions by bringing in alternate technologies like renewable energy, alternate medicines, alternate institutional systems& processes. World seems to be already moving in that direction.

In this connection an international  Conference on New World Order (‘Professors & Politicians Gather To Warn Us About  New World Order) was conducted by Perdana Global Peace Foundation  with  Dr.Mahathir Mohamad ,ex-fouth PM of Malaysia as present President by inviting interested professors/academicians, social personalities and politicians from all over the world and the deliberations  are available in this link along with live discussions in YouTube link therein. This link:
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