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I have about 36 years of senior management experience in all facets of management, industry promotion, entrepreneurship and consulting.

I started my career with KELTRON (Kerala) in 1976 after completing PGP at IIM-B in 1976 and worked on various assignments like product management, direct field sales, market research,market planning, marketing services and corporate planning under CMD- all for about 6 years. After  leaving  KELTRON in 1982, I joined APEDC(A.P.State)  and  worked on the following assignments (total experience of about 19 years) :

  1. Marketing Assistance Programme- conceived and implemented marketing assistance programme for APEDC under which about 45 SSI, MSI and associate units were taking marketing assistance  from  APEL (Brand name of APEDC). The responsibilities included technology sourcing, underwriting  production of the units and helping them in production, planning and control(PPC), implementing quality assurance ,marketing and sales management, after sales servicing, brand creation and promotion (APEL Brand), credit management, working capital  management and responsible for  procurement of VCRs,Colour TVs and stabilizers under Audio Visual Programme of  School Education Department  of Government of A.P(initial stages) and also responsible   for turnover and profitability for the Marketing Assistance Programme of APEL. APEL  achieved about Rs4.00 crores turnover  in 1987 under marketing assistance programme and lower turnovers continued thereafter till 1989. APEL was the biggest unit in those days  apart from ECIL in A.P.  For best internal market  development ,APEL was awarded D P Agarwal Rolling Trophy(FAPCCI) for 1987.
  2. Experience in Project Promotion: contributed to preparation  of project profiles, entrepreneur guidance, project report preparation, project appraisal- technical and  financial, recommending  in investment decisions, investment( equity and quasi-equity), monitoring  of projects, dis- investment in assisted and joint ventures.

Total-in-charge for the above for about 3 years ( about 9 years for part activities)

  1. Industrial Estates:  Responsible for development of industrial estates&involving in allotment.

And in the end closure of some of the industrial estates (Gannavaram APEL  IE)  and handing over  them  to other government departments including total correspondence. (this was done in the last three years of my service in APEL).

Took  voluntary retirement in 2000 and joined Micronet Technologies Ltd (subsidiary of MIC Electronics LTD) an internet company as VP in-charge. The company partly developed wireless internet.I took them to venture capitalists, prepared project report and  presented before the venture capitalists (HITVEL and ICICI  technology) during  2001. As the company could not prove technology, I advised them to use the company for other activities of MIC Electronics Ltd and stop internet activity( wireless and wired). Moved to MIC Electronics Ltd in 2002, as VP (HRM and Corporate Management)- basically for mentoring and assisting the promoter MD in decision making including in HRM, OD, Finance (TDB loan etc.) etc.. Streamlined the organization more or less from scratch and introduced systems and processes which were permitted. I saw the company from a turnover of about Rs 6 crores(2001) to about  Rs.380 crores(2011). Later in 2004 I created a business concept for training engineering students and professionals in embedded systems, VLSI, wireless technologies,  PLC’s  and power electronics and software (Software activity was stopped in 2007). For this activity, MIC Tech Center was created by me and every year about 1000 students used to be trained in bridging the gap between Industry and Academics. Students from all over India used to do projects in this center with generally 95% of satisfaction level by students(independent assessment). I introduced the concept of out- sourced CEO and ran  MIC Tech Center as Director with flexibility to do my other works legally.

Simultaneously I associated with another entrepreneur ( with degree  or so) in 2007 who has urge to do things- Chadalavada  group of Companies. Basically they were contractors in the beginning. I made him to see the use of creating an organisation and growing. Initially there was a small informal organization. When we tried to recruit, engineers and others were not willing to join. With proper HR methods and using my goodwill, we developed the organization from scratch which has about 500 employees( in the group) presently. Partly responsible for getting working capital enhancement, from  about Rs 7 crores(2007) to about 300 crores now(2011). The company is  implementing  electrical transmission&distribution projects in many states in the country. Chadalavada Group is  in the business of electrical infrastructure( Transmission and Distribution Projects), Mining and Power (Mini  Hydel Projects). I saw the company from a turnover of about  Rs 3.5 crores to about Rs 200 crores(2011). In the beginning they wanted me to be chairman and I opted to be president or retainer with no administrative and share holding powers. Basically I mentored and assisted the promoter  CMD on all matters. Here the question  of ethics in management comes. The entrepreneur  faces all  possible difficulties from society, market and customers. I did not want to be part of business development. Instead , subtly I opted for advisory role and internal decision making management(on request). While continuing as director of MIC Tech Center , I am working as president(consulting) of the Chadalavada group on Retainer basis. My model of working is- no demand on salary, take what they give and have freedom to do what I wanted to do. While working  for the above companies, I have registered Materialist Spiritualist Mission Trust in 2003 as a public charitable trust  and developed it into a full fledged knowledge organization/center/site. Several top Western(USA& European )and Indian Intellectuals  have endorsed and appreciated the views of MSMT Trust. I am continuing my work with MSMT and Chadalavada Group.

 I worked above entrepreneurs(in  state institutions),under them( even in  companies which I inaugurated with others VIPs) and as an entrepreneur besides working in state PSU s for about 25 years.

 I have also started a management consulting firm in 2006(CVR SYNERGY MANAGEMENT SERVICES) and offering services in management consulting,consulting in  HRM & OD and technical services.Some of the customers include Airtel,INDUS,Reliance communications, GTL, Astra Microwave, ICOMM tele,Sarvothamcare  etc.

While practicing management profession in service,I taught MBA students(JNTU&IPE) on production & operations management, marketing management and strategic management. I gave part of MDP programmes to four batches  very senior IAS officers at the level of VC&MDs  numbering about 100 from all over India on Government invitation at IPE during 1986 and 1987 besides giving MDPs to senior managerial personnel from private and public enterprises.

 D P Agarwal Rolling Trophy (FAPCCI) citation and photos-which I received in 1988 can be seen in my profile in in APEL awards link.
 I hope this is interesting.
 Thanks and regards
Venkataramanaiah Chekuru  BE, MBA (IIM-B, 74-76)
Founder&Managing Trustee
Materialist Spiritualist Mission Trust


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