BUREAUCRACY and ACCOUNTABILITY-Irrate babus seek free legal aid for arrested buddies
Posted on March 12, 2012 by admin

Visit the following link on an  article-  in The Times of India dated 4-02-2012 with comments link in the post.
Irate babus seek free legal aid for arrested buddies

The all India cadres especially IAS  and IPS cadres are protected in their service through special sections in the constitution so that they can function independently  from  politicians in governing through rule of law.They are supposed to be protectors and custodians of public property and enforcers of laws?It is generally felt that in the beginning their services are ethical.But no body from the general public noticed it or did not want to notice as they are too low to comprehend the powers of the kings called politicians and their weapons called bureaucrats?And the looting went on for 64 years.The big looters/politicians deposited their loot in SWISS banks in the name of their progeny.And many bureaucrats seem to have facilitated it?And then why will the bureaucrats keep quite,when the loot is happening under their very nose?So many got lured to misuse their powers,position and job security in looting whatever their guts permitted them?Besides they seem to be  organized on regional,language and caste considerations informally to protect their interests besides  using their associations like IAS officers associations-at local and national level?

Many of them seem to have  colluded  with most of the criminal politicians?They enjoyed money,power,perks,position as  get going went on?Once public  is asking them to account,hell is breaking out for politicians and bureaucrats?Bureaucrats should have known their  merit,qualifications and job security before involving in anti-social criminal activities while  sitting in powerful government chairs?They are supposed to be public watch dogs?
Now general public is restless calling for accountability?Once  babus are arrested  and made to account,they are crying and demanding that they are only following government orders and can not be made scape goats?They have mobilized  their union called IAS officers association to coerce the government  to protect their interests generally  and to protect  the interests of those involved at public cost?

If this is so,what is happening to low level officers?If these babus do not like certain up-right government officers/servants from other cadres,they manufacture enquiries,harass them and suppress them?These un-organised officers either have to leave service or submit to their system?

There is limit to the arrogance of these babus?Besides general public  in villages,if they can not pay cess,their properties  are auctioned by these very officers or the juniors  under them?There seem to be protection to the most powerful people  in the country?There is no protection  to the weakest in the nation and we are taught—NIRBAL  KA  BAL  RAM  HAI  ? Should we follow this for ever sirs?

Can the governments at centre and states  address  these and other  related  issues  and  bring in proper  governance  at institutional level(among  them)  and at officer level  and  mitigate  the despair  and  pain of  the  common man  called   AAM  AADMI  by them? Or  should  we keep  on praying  god  for another  1000 years  to help us ? A humble  submission sirs?

Venkataramanaiah Chakuru
(Comments posted in the Facebook dated  4-02-2012)


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