STATUES ERECTION in India accountability angle

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Business, because it seems to be done for financial, social and political gain a political party/parties or family/families is getting. Is this not a pecuniary gain? More so for families in power for a long time. Is this statue erection a sponteneous decision of the public or a calculated business of politicial parties or families? Is it serving the purpose of "LOKA KALYANAM"? or Is it serving the concept of "Sarvojana Sukhuno Bhavanthu"? Now there is a mushrooming of statues of prominent political persons erected everywhere in the nation as a business concept in the interest of certain political parties or families.

Everybody is following this? From the Moghuls at Delhi to the local ruling families at the regional level. The moral is "Yadha Raja Thadha Praja". The message has gone down the line everywhere in the nation. Are indian people empowered or helpless? "Ea Deshamuloo Erri Maharajulu/Prajalu Vunnatha Varaku, elaa ne Saaguthundhi" as long as innocent people are there in this country, this will go on".

Basically from the point of view of "Promotion" part of marketing management, the product called that particular person promoted through "STATUES" is intended to give milage to that particular party and family to which he/she belongs in the short run as well as in the long run . Basically, it is meant for the "Recall" value of the brand called that person and the supposed values he or she espoused or stood for normally in the national or regional interest.But here it appears that it is done with malafide intension of political gain for parties or families self aggrandizement. Lakhs of crores of rupees are spent in this business(through statues,hordings, posters, ads through various media etc.)since independence. Nobody seems to have noticed it or they do not want to notice this.What purpose this "STATUES" business is serving? Is there a public accounting on this or is there any accountability on this? Who is responsible for this?

God save India and the Indian people or the so called "Aam Aadmi" as they are called nowadays? Some questions may have to be contemplated on the issue of statues erection at this stage. Is there a well thought out purpose as to why a statue is to be erected?

Who finances it? What purpose is it serving? Is it in public interest? or is it because of the coercive power of the political party or persons or the family-sometimes in a very subtle way? As they are erected in public places, how to account for this from the point of view of financial and social accountability angles? Is there a mechanism? or shall we Indians have to leave it to the politicial parties or families to their whims and fancies? Is there a public policy on this? Time to think on this.

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru B.E(Gold Medallist),MBA(IIM-B,74-76)
Founder and Managing Trustee
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