Democracy correlated with economic growth?
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Visit the following link on an article-Democracy correlated with economic growth?in The Economics Times dated 28-02-2012 with comments link in the post.
Democracy correlated with economic growth?

Though well researched the method used has limitations on the following aspects:
1.Correlation 2.Approach is mechanistic 3.Growth for whom 4.Long range social and political implications   6.The feel and spirit components are missing in the approach.
The topic deals with humans and human societies.Under the empirical philosophical method-correlation as a method is used for conclusions.As such the method itself has limitations in arriving at higher order truth about the out-come.

The approach is quite mechanistic,as if you are dealing with some inanimate objects.There is a great feel and spirit component which is the essence of life.The question comes-growth for whom?If you analyse to-days world wide mass movements and what happened to the mighty USSR  you can not miss the human spirit  involving aspirations,freedom,feelings etc of the  people.Again there is not much coverage on the TRYEST WITH DESTINY aspect of democracy.It is assumed that growth in all aspects will happen in a mechanistic  economic way?Even if tremendous growth happens say- under  dictatorial societies,there may not be long range social and political  stability and all the labours put may go invain and may lead to unbearable human suffering.

The world to-day needs innovative holistic models to give better picture  in arriving at higher order truths  as compared to the already available methods of correlation  etc.The conclusions made by the existing methods will be used for policy purposes impinging on the interests of a vast majority of people.So in the absence of better methods,human/leaders judgement still plays a major role even to-day?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru  BE,MBA(IIM-B,76)
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