Nothing will be brushed under the carpet,says Army Chief
Posted on June 26, 2012 by admin

Nothing will be brushed under the carpet,says new Army Chief  –article in the Hindu dated 1-6-2012 (see comments inside the article also)

This is a welcome and hopeful statement from General Bikram Singh that things would not be swept under the carpet and secularism and apoliticalism will be maintained by the army.We,the second generation/the generation immediately after independence saw different things in India depending on the caste,class,region or religion to which he/she belonged to?

Some of the intelligent Indians  feel  –that the armed forces,intelligence(of state or center) and the police wings which owe their existence to the constitution  which constitution owe its origin to the people of India—all castes,classes,religions, regions included—that these forces are  more  loyal to certain families-political/business or loyal to certain castes or classes or regions?

Hope this impression will be erased totally and the armed forces  will follow the rule book in total in tune with the spirit of the constitution—the pre-amble and the spirit of the constituent assembly in a thoroughly professional way rejecting all vested interests of political class however powerful they may be?Getting protection  from the armed forces,police and intelligence wings  is the only final hope for the Aam aadmi(general public/poor) in mitigating their despair and pain?Hope all the powerful sitting on the powerful chairs are listening to this feable voice of BHARAT?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru  BE,MBA(IIM-B,76)


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