Can n’t have multiple executives-by Kapil Sibal (TOI dated 15-09-2012)
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Can n’t have multiple executives:CAG policy prescriptions have triggered a constitutional crisis-by Kapil Sibal in TOI dated 15-09-2012

From this article,one gets an impression of bulldozing other statutory bodies/institutions by the executive when matters are not convenient to them?It is the duty of CAG to not only audit but also audit effectiveness of implementation of public policy?If earlier it was not done,it was a misfortune for the people of India?Also one gets the impression that it is not to create an environment to fill the pockets of the Aam Aadmi but to fill the pockets of politicians,their kith&kin,relatives,friends,interested parties and crony capitalists from Delhi to galli as evident from the court cases all over India?By shutting the mouths of watch dog institutions by subtle admonition and attack,the executive is by impression abetting/colluding institutional lawlessness with far reaching repercussions for Indian democracy and probably its difficulties to succeed in the long run?If this kid of pecuniary gains are not enjoyed by the political class/bureaucrats/other ruling groups,why are they running after power? Power for what? For enjoyment,gratification and use power freely without accountability?Along with power comes accountability?We are a democracy.The executive is answerable to parliament and the people.We are not a kingdom?Even in kingdom,RAM sent SITA to forests on a small public dissent/adverse comment perhaps thousands of years ago say the scriptures of this land?Now scams of thousands of lakhs crores of rupees are involved from Delhi to galli in aggregation?Who is to answer this?Courts say –it is not the job of courts to rule the country?Executive snubs the watch dog institutions?Where will the people go for complaining as RAM is tainted in RAM RAJYA?In stead of snubbing the watch dog institutions,the political class must give way for democracy to function away from the feudal mindset?India is vast and diverse in every thing.To manage it one has to follow constitution in it’s true spirit?Otherwise the political class is sowing the seeds of separation,violence and lawlessness in the minds of people?It makes economic and social sense to strengthen Indian democracy if constitution is followed in it’s true spirit?
Will the political class introspect and leave self-aggrandizement projects,nepotism,favouratism,mis-management and mis-governance?
This is the best that the political class can leave it to the next generation as a great heritage?
Is the political class noticing? An opinion pl.

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

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