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Vinita Jain's advice to start ups
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Since 1992, when her dream project Biotique came into existence, Jain is credited with making Ayurvedic beauty products fashionable. With her heady blend of ancient science and modern R&D, Biotique today boasts of Rs 600cr turnover.

Which entrepreneur do you take inspiration from?
My grandfather Nandram Agarwal was my biggest inspiration. He moved from Rajasthan to Kalimpong to set up business.

An entrepreneur to you is...
Someone who has passion, persuasion and persistence to overcome challenge and to create an enterprise.

Your favourite business mantra...
People are the biggest assets. It is about motivation & team work.

Turning point of your career
I donít believe in just one turning point in life. It is a series of small incidences.

Your contribution to society as an entrepreneur
At Biotique, we assist women to be financially independent. We also work with NGOs to provide education to the girl child.

Can entrepreneurship be taught or is it a natural quality...
It canít be easily taught. It is something one is born with. Nevertheless, one can still learn to be an entrepreneur.

Jain's Advice to startups:
Gather domain knowledge before starting up Be passionate about what you do In business, one has to be persistent Be dedicated to your work. It is the key To succeed, manage your people intelligently

Comments (9)

I also agree with Anil. I had also worked with her and she is the craziest person I have worked with. She do not even know the meaning of "People being biggest asset". In her organisation the teams are changed like a pack of card. Play 2-3 games and change them. She do not even know how to treat senior employees of the company. She is the biggest fraud.

Posted by Gabrial | 22 Oct, 2010

I have worked with her and can only laugh at her favourite business mantra about "People being biggest asset". Yet to see a more confused business owner than her and if you want the truth about the company, just need to see how many people have left the company in last 5 yrs..and how tough is get the money due from her.. No people will second her after working one week. Media needs to tell the truth also sometimes pls.....

Posted by Anil , Principal Consultant at Doyen Management Consultant | 10 Sep, 2010

I had an opprortunity to meet her and i was very impressed by her powerful personality and for me she is an Ideal leader for any successfull organisation.I wish her every success

Posted by NILESH GHIYA , Process Expert at L'OREAL | 03 Jul, 2010

great words from an entrepreneur. I have been working on my passion for a while now . I have partially succeeded in reforming myself to become an entreprenuer. I always find it very hard to modify my basic thoughts, which have been instilled into me by my family, which has been working class for several generations. when I see decisions being taken by peers with a entrepreneurial background is much faster than what I do. Its good to have it in your genes. if not, it is sheer hard work and time consuming. good luck to all the unfortunate ones like me, But do not give up , in the age of the internet it is still feasible to learn a lot through information available and hiring the right people to compensate your weakness.

Posted by ravi ranganathan,manager and partner at pain & stroke rehab centre|23 Mar, 2010

Women becoming Entrepreneurs is few and far between. The SHG Women group should be able to produce the goods that they require for their day to day life to attain self sufficiency. That will be a good news for the country as a whole. One womon becoming entrepreneur with Rs 600 cr turnover may be an individual achievement not the countryís.

Posted by Krishnan Narayan swamy,|20 Mar, 2010

Earlier women entrepreneur were into Botique and now they are into Biotique and that too with a social puropose!!! What a transformation

Posted by Bhuvaneswari Ramesh | 20 Mar, 2010

Entrepreneurship is no doubt a passion.It emerges from inner expression. It is a psychological expression. All may not have this urge to the required threshold level to make them entrepreneurs.However, the circumstances may make the low level signal individual to articulate and bring it to oscillation level, the self sustaining entrepreneurship. To make statement like entrepreneurship is born in families or by birth is a wild statement born out of our upper class arrogance. IQ has substantial component from environment though inheritance does play a part. In the absence supporting environment, even the best inherited talent will disappear into space. So society has a great role in generating entrepreneurship.

Posted by Venkataramanaiah Chekuru,CEO at CVR SYNERGY MANAGEMENT SERVICES|20 Mar, 2010


Posted by Saurabh Mitra,Chairaman at Mitras Charitable Foundation for Educational and Rural Development|19 Mar, 2010

A good practical and mature advice to startups.
CA A R UNNI, Hyderabad

Posted by RAJENDRAN UNNI,Partner at B V Rao&Co|19 Mar, 2010

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