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Hello, thanks to write to me,I KNEW Mr.Kasani in Seattle at the public library He is a very good person, I am from Tijuana B. C. Mexico I work as a teacher,I have 30 years of experience.

I study how to save my soul, and how to help people to do the same according with the GNOSTIC  PHILOSOPHY  jesuschrist is the number one gnostic, and also mahatma ghandi  said the same.  INDIA is what it is for a man who never put a foot in this land, Ghandi gave  his life for the humanity and for INDIA .We admire him too much here in Mexico.if you want to know`

more about GNOSIS JUST let me know and  I will try  to send some lessons but my english is not good enough  so I really try to do my best ok OR YOU  CAN VISIT    WWW.GOOGLE.COM  and you can read this author in google specially  QUETZACOALT and change this page into english

 SAMAEL AUN WEOR he is the Teacher for the era of aquarious read his books like   PERFECT MARRIAGE,  THE VERB OF GOLD,,,THE REBELION OF BEL   and others he has  more than 75 books  .. I hope you answer me and we can continue  learning from  this philosophy . many people come to Mexico to study from, Brazil, POLAND, SPAIN, France and other countries.

you have to enter to the monastery FOR 3 MONTHE TO RECEIVE the teachings in The City of Mexico and then you can put schools anywhere  ,we use the most of the words from INDIA ,for example   PRALAYA, MAHAMANTARA, CHOTAVAN  SHACTY KAL;Y  KARMA, DHARMA ETC

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 Dear Mr.Victor,

                  I am C.Venkataramanaiah belonging to the PGP (74 -76)/ MBA(IIMB). I have about 30 years of successful Senior Managerial Experience including CEO Resposibilities, in service teaching (MDPs), Industry promotion, Consulting and Entrepreneurship. I have been doing Research in Societal Management. I would like to share some of my views and seek feedback and patronizing. In these days of MPís Corruption, Corruption all around us, Violence, Mistrust and Social disorder,  we have to look for alternatives. Attached is an alternative. Please share with others, give feedback and patronize.There is a need for paradigm shift in our thinking,faiths,beliefs,attitudes and behaviour in general for achieving synergy,peace,harmony,fairness/justice and development.I will be thankful for your reply.

Mr.Somaiah Kasani introduced you.


C.Venkataramanaiah PGP (74 -76),


(M): 9346619385.