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Apr 6, 2007 4:57 PM
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Dear Sri Venkataramanaiah,

It is indeed nice to hear about your mission an work. Your objects are
laudable. When I look back at Mythology and History I find great
personalities, spiritual and otherwise, whose birth was supposed to be
purposeful. Yet the gradual decadence of society happily continued.

A classic example is
Krishna, who states in the Bhagavat Gita about
arrival of great souls when " Dharmasya Glaanir Bhavati". yet
interestingly the very Mahabharatam talks of the story of two brothers
fighting over the treasure discovered by one of them in the field given to
him on lease by the other. When they first went to Dharmaraja, the younger
brother wanted to give it off as the land belongs to the elder and the
elder refused, as the effort was that of the younger one. At
behest, Yudhishtira calls them after a month and the tables turned!
Kaliyuga had set in.
Krishna advises the pandavas to leave the world.

It just goes to show that Yuga Dharma is bigger than that of individual
mortals, however pious, endowed and powerful they might have been.The
greatest wheel is of Kaala or destiny.
Krishna could not negotiate 5
villages for Panadavas, to avert the war. Sathya Sai Baba has millions of
followers. Many of them are far from pious or simple. The decay of society
continues rapidly.

I wish you find meaning in whatever you are trying.

May God grant you peace!

with regards

Yours Sincerely

M Sivaramakrishna

Dear Mr.Sivaramakrishna,
>                   I am C.Venkataramanaiah belonging to the PGP (74 -76)/
> MBA(IIMB). I have about 30+ years of successful Senior Managerial
> Experience
> including CEO Resposibilities, in service teaching (MDPs), Industry
> promotion, Consulting and Entrepreneurship. I have been doing Research in
> Societal Management. I would like to share some of my views and seek
> feedback and patronizing. In these days of MP's Corruption, Corruption all
> around us, Violence, Mistrust and Social disorder,  we have to look for
> alternatives. Attached is an alternative. Please share with others, give
> feedback and patronize.There is a need for paradigm shift in our
> thinking,faiths,beliefs,attitudes and behaviour in general for achieving
> synergy,peace,harmony,fairness/justice and development.I will be thankful
> for your reply.
> Regards,
> C.Venkataramanaiah PGP (74 -76),
> Hyderabad, INDIA
> (M):.