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Thank you Dr.Murthy.I will be thankful for your detailed critique.




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On 6/1/07, Dr. P V R Murthy <> wrote:

Dear Sir
Thank you for your mail.
Prima facie your ideas seem to be the need of the hour.
Let me assimilate ,reflect and revert.
I would also mail to like minded persons of IIM fraternity.
Warm regards

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru wrote:

Dear Mr.Murthy,

                  I am C.Venkataramanaiah belonging to the PGP (74 -76)/ MBA(IIMB). I have about 30+ years of successful Senior Managerial Experience including CEO Resposibilities, in service teaching (MDPs), Industry promotion, Consulting and Entrepreneurship. I have been doing Research in Societal Management. I would like to share some of my views and seek feedback and patronizing. In these days of MP's Corruption, Corruption all around us, Violence, Mistrust and Social disorder,   we have to look for alternatives. Attached is an alternative. Please share with others, give feedback and patronize.There is a need for paradigm shift in our thinking,faiths,beliefs,attitudes and behaviour in general for achieving synergy,peace,harmony,fairness/justice and development.I will be thankful for your reply and personal feedback.



C.Venkataramanaiah PGP (74 -76),

Hyderabad, INDIA

(M): 9346619385.