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Dear Sri Bhanu Prakash,
Thank you for your hospitality and good words.
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On 10/14/09, Bhanu Varla <> wrote:
Dear CVR Sir,


It was indeed a great topic that came across to me in the  recent times gave a thought provoking talk on Materialism, Spiritualism and Shrama Dharma , we all thank you again for your valuable talk and time spent with the Alumni .



Bhanu Prakash
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Subject: Re: [iimb_hyderabad] Re: Second Round Table Meet 11-Sep-2009 - Details of the Meet

  I thank all of you  for giving me this opportunity and making it a success.


C.Venkataramanaiah PGP(74-76)

On 9/12/09, Bhanu Varla <> wrote:
Dear Hari & Sanjay,

We should thank you both for working tirelessly to ensure things go smooth and for making it successful every time. See you soon at our next meeting.

Best Regards


Bhanu Prakash Varla
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Cc: Rakesh Godhwani
Subject: [iimb_hyderabad] Re: Second Round Table Meet 11-Sep-2009 - Details of the Meet


Dear All,

The 2nd Round Table Meet was help on 11-Sep-2009 at Nizam's Club, Hyderabad. About 15 members and guests attended the meet.

C Venkataramaniah gave a thought provoking talk on Materialism, Spiritualism and Shrama Dharma. He gave a brief overview of Materialism and Spiritualism and how these two are the known methods of enquiry about Truth as  we know. He then introduced Shrama Dharma as a new paradigm in social existence evolved from Eastern and Western Life / cultural process. and how we need to understand meaning of Shrama(labour), its origin, philosophy and ideals. He also exhorted us to think in terms of existence of infinitely possible methods of enquiry of Truth. He concluded by providing details of assimilation, integration and innovation and directions for the future.

This talk on peace, aptly conducted on 9/11 anniversary, demonstrated a new paradigm for peace, synergy, justice and development. It also provoked lively discussions among the members to understand this concept more and clarify understanding.

The talk was followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner with the famous Nizam biriyani and haleem.

The photos taken during the meet are uploaded at the below URL.

We would like to thank Venkataramaniah for taking time out from his busy schedule and educating us on this profound subject.

I would also like to thank Bhanu Varla for graciously offering to host the meet at Nizam's club and working tirelessly to make all arrangements.

Thanks once again for all who attended and for who those who were unable to attend you missed a great talk and lovely food :-)

Hope to see you all in the next event.

Thanks & Regards,

K N Harilal & Sanjay